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Primary Types of Massage I Provide
  • Posted by:martin
  • Posted on : September 11, 2017


Primary Types of Massage I Provide

I have been practicing massage therapy in Iowa City since 1997. I provide integrative massage, drawing on a wide variety of therapeutic techniques, but most are built around Shiatsu and Swedish Massage. No two massages are the same; each is tailored to the client’s individual needs. In other words, a 60-minute massage may be a “full-body” massage, or it may be quite focused on specific areas of the body which are in need.


Shiatsu is commonly referred to as acupressure. I use direct, focused thumb, finger and elbow pressure on the acupressure points of the body. Tight, cramped, knotted muscles are relaxed, as is pressure on joints, nerve pathways, and energetic channels. Shiatsu therapy is specific to your body as it allows me to read the areas of need unique to you.

Acupressure feels like a dull ache that relaxes as muscle tightness is reduced.

You may control the intensity of pressure by providing me guidance and feedback; the better our level of communication, the higher the quality of your treatment.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage improves circulatory, muscular, and nervous system functioning, and induces and deep feeling of relaxation. It is received unclothed, and is typically given using lotion or oil. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques: stretching, gliding strokes, friction, and kneading, among others.

My favorite treatment is a combination of the above techniques. I believe the focus of Shiatsu to be quite effective therapeutically, and the warmth of Swedish massage to be the ultimate in relaxation.