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A Month In
  • Posted by:martin
  • Posted on : July 30, 2020


A Month In

First, let me thank all of you who have had an appointment recently, and those of you who have thought about scheduling but haven’t gotten there yet, and those of you who are waiting to get to the other side of this madness before venturing out. You are ALL great. I am grateful for each and every one of you. You give me purpose and enrich my life!

It feels like the right time to reflect on what’s happening, a month after re-opening business during a pandemic. I am fortunate to still share the office space with two mindful people, and it feels manageable. Although we have our own work spaces, we are alternating our schedules to reduce the amount of people in the office at any given time.

I’m available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10-7, and Sunday from 2:30-7.

A big challenge for me has been learning the ins and outs of a new scheduling platform (Massagebook), which allows me to manage most of the paperwork of business digitally, and allows you to fill out and update your intake form and make payments online. It may take a few months to iron out the wrinkles.

You do have to make an account the first time you login. It requires a username and password. Then, once you’re in my client list, when you login it will remember your appointment and payment history.

I do NOT share any of your information with anyone. Period.

I am not currently requiring payment online. You may still pay at your appointment if that’s your preference.

If you have any difficulty negotiating the new scheduling platform, just call or email me and we will schedule the old fashioned way.

We have adjusted to a thorough and deliberate cleaning routine, working from cleaning/disinfecting checklists for both common spaces as well as our treatment rooms. All used areas are disinfected between appointments.

We are taking temperatures when people arrive. I wish touchless thermometers were available when I was a kid. I wasn’t an enthusiastic fan of internal methods of reading one’s temperature.

The three of us are using HEPA air purifiers in our treatment rooms, and then opening windows when appropriate.

We are requiring face coverings. Therapists are wearing masks and a face shield. It does make me feel a bit like Darth Vader, but is currently the correct way to manage our businesses. We are trying to follow science and are pleased to have reliable and educated scientists, medical, and health professionals as resources.

I am thrilled to be catching up with people. Although we are sharing some experiences, things have been relatively quiet. I suspect most of us are cautious about sharing our breath with one another. People are cautious, but I think are pleased to be receiving shiatsu and massage therapy. I’m pleased to be open for business and feel like all of us are taking informed precautions to do things in the safest way we currently can.

Peace to all of you. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Stay informed and practice deliberate and mindful living. I see you next time you’re ready.

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