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Therapeutic Massage and Colds
  • Posted by:martin
  • Posted on : November 04, 2018


Therapeutic Massage and Colds

It’s November. Cold and flu season is upon us. Both are contagious.

Should you get a massage when you have a cold? No, it’s not wise. Not because it will make you feel better or worse; yes, it will likely do one or the other. Rather because you expose other people, including me, to the virus you have.

I’m fortunate to have a reasonably strong immune system and am able to ward off a lot of illness, but not all the time. Many of my clients are not so fortunate, and may be more susceptible to germs and viruses. If you come in when you’re sick, and they come in after you (even though I disinfect the table between each appointment), they are likely to catch your cold. If you cough or sneeze during your massage, it’s possible I’ll get sick.

I recommend mindfulness when you have a cold or influenza. Consider how you may effect the health of others if you go out. If possible, stay close to home until you’re over the worst of it. You may heal quicker if you rest, and you’ll be less likely to share the virus with others. Reschedule your appointment for the following week.