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Serratus Posterior Inferior Pain
  • Posted by:martin
  • Posted on : August 26, 2015


Serratus Posterior Inferior Pain

Serratus Posterior Inferior is a deep muscle that is like a bridge spanning across the mid and low-back. It depresses the ribs during forced exhalation and assists rotation and extension of the trunk. It’s a sore back muscle when you’ve slept in an unfamiliar or saggy bed.

Its origin attachment is at the spinous processes of T11-L3, and it inserts on the inferior aspect of ribs 9-12.

In addition to sleeping on a soft mattress, we can irritate this muscle by twisting at the waist when lifting or lowering something heavy, or by overreaching above the head or out to the side. If there is a trigger point in serratus posterior inferior, we feel nagging pain at the site of the muscle, over the mid to low back, and lower ribs. Such pain may be confused with pain in the iliocostalis or quadratus lumborum muscles.

You can help guide your massage session to effectively release trigger points in serratus posterior inferior as well as synergistic adjacent muscles. This region can harbor clusters of tender points, so let your LMT know when you’re feeling a tender point and when it feels like it’s letting go as a result of the massage.