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New Class At East-West Massage Therapy School
  • Posted by:martin
  • Posted on : November 02, 2015


New Class At East-West Massage Therapy School

I’ve begun teaching the latest class of students at East-West Massage Therapy School; always an exciting, stimulating time for me, and I hope for the students. Adult students are generally motivated to learn and interesting to work with. This group is no exception. Since this is a hands-on profession, it takes little effort on my part to get them involved.

They have had their Anatomy and Physiology class by the time I arrive, and I come in for a small group of classes entitled Anatomy Lab. I help them to fine tune their specific palpation skills. Where precisely are the primary muscles they’ll be working with, how do they locate them, what bones do the muscles attach to, how does a therapist shorten and lengthen them, what actions are they responsible for?

Teaching at East-West forces me to study and stay informed about developments and progress in the profession, and to continue to grow professionally. Each time I teach I see the body from a different angle, take in and process more information, and understand the application of my work at a deeper level. It’s great to rekindle my excitement for the work and share my enthusiasm with the next batch of LMTs.