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General Reflections On Massage Therapy
  • Posted by:martin
  • Posted on : October 19, 2015


General Reflections On Massage Therapy

I am thrilled with the work I do. I can lose myself in it; when that happens, time disappears. I feel fortunate that 20 years ago I left teaching public education with the support of my family to pursue massage therapy, something I wanted to do. I live and work (mostly) autonomously, am happy much of the time, and am contributing a worthwhile service to the community.

One challenge I face is to recognize my limitations and those of massage therapy in general. Massage therapy can help many problems, from headaches to sciatica, from carpal tunnel pain to plantar fasciitis. I read trade publications, take continuing education, talk with other therapists, and try to be cognizant of research in the field. I realize massage doesn’t work for everyone, and may vary in its results for one person from one treatment to the next. I don’t offer cures; but I do promise to do my best work every session, based on my training, knowledge and experience.

I have a great clientele. I see a number of people on a regular basis, either to address specific muscular issues, for healthy body maintenance, or for stress relief. I also have a good number of clients who come in sporadically. I may see them for 3 or 4 sessions in the space of a month or two, and then not again until a year later. Also, I see plenty of people one time and then not again. Iowa City has a significant transient population with the university, and there are plenty of massage therapists so there is great choice. People receive massage for myriad reasons and while I encourage them to take care of themselves, I try not to get in the way.

If I allow things to unfold naturally, respectfully submitting my input without force or misplaced passion, my tiny sphere in the world will be better for it. My goal is to enjoy the work, understand its limitations, allow myself to get lost in it without getting bogged down by it. I’m fortified by my work and happy with the opportunities it provides.