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Acupressure Continuing Education
  • Posted by:martin
  • Posted on : March 06, 2018


Continuing Education Acupressure

Continuing education is a challenge. Massage therapy is mildly regulated in Iowa, with 16 hours of continuing education required every two years for re-licensure. Much of what is available regionally is basic, not particularly challenging, and doesn’t add much to professional growth. It often boils down to paying an instructor to learn the routine they use in their practice. Not much in the way of enhancing one’s clinical problem-solving skills. Rarely are there offerings in shiatsu, acupressure, eastern philosophy and the like, which is my primary modality and what truly attracts me to this work.

Fortunately, half the continuing education credits may be obtained online, or by some other form of correspondence learning. I’ve joined an online learning community through to address this dearth of opportunity and am finding it stimulating and relevant to my shiatsu practice. Much of it is review for me, but I feel as though I’m hooking information which I’ve known and used for years deeper into the scaffolding of my mind. The instructor is engaging and is providing plenty of potent examples to reinforce concepts.

The instruction is provided in videotaped lessons, which are downloadable for future reference, and written documents, also downloadable. There is an online community to ask questions to and share information with. It is a slow-paced course, which encourages deep learning. Primary subjects and concepts covered will be Yin/Yang, Pulse Reading, the Body Clock, the 12 Meridians plus the Conception and Governing Vessels, the Five Elements, and Acupoint combinations – all reinforcing work I’ve done for 20 years and directly applicable to the work.